It is super fast.

Born to be a winner.

The test presented here is out of the box without any effort for optimization. It is also without caching turned on, so it is a dynamically generated page test. With some effort for speed optimization, we could easily go towards perfect scores, but we wanted to present a natural test.

One of the superb features of Zero One is that all images are automatically converted to WebP with original image backup for older browsers (even the background images). Also, you can fine-grain every image size with the latest Zero One versions.

Lazy load for images is integrated, and there is also script lazy loading. Only parts of scripts and stylesheets needed for specific pages are loaded.

SEO optimized out of the box.

Because content is king.

Well-structured content options, with two aspects in mind: search engines and readers. Headings, intro paragraphs, lists, quotes, links, images.. everything with good HTML semantics.

This test score is actually higher, it didn't recognize robots.txt and sitemap.xml because this theme is in the domain subfolder. Also, the test expects Google Analytics and HTML Microdata, but because this is website-specific it is up to you to add it.

Checkout everything yourself:

Of course, media queries are fully respected, and Zero One supports almost every device that exists, from smartwatches to mega TV screens.

Google says: Great job!

Let's make it easy for Google.

When tested with Google PageSpeed Insights both scores are almost perfect.

The mobile score is a bit lower, mostly because Google wants you to serve images in smaller sizes for smaller devices. As said earlier, we could optimize images much better on that page, but we wanted to get the natural result without fine-grain optimization.

Although Google Page Speed score makes up to 1% of your search engine ranking score it is good to have the best score you can get, primarily for your website visitor experience. But don't be obsessed with it! The most important thing is that your website doesn't get very poor scores. Everything above 70 is a good score.

Respect Google if you want him to respect you.

Full control over meta tags.

Tell them what they need to know.

Favicons, meta tags, open graphs, and Twitter tag options are made with special care to support flexibility and control.

There are so many favicon sizes, but we selected the 6 most prominent ones to cover all devices and browsers. They are auto-generated from one PNG you insert.

Custom meta tag options per page, article, and project are integrated with a backup if empty from the site meta. Input is also forwarded to open graph tags.

So you can have full control over your SEO/SEM data.

Images under control.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

For every content presentation images are of ultimate importance, they bring the topic to life and can also contribute to your website’s SEO.

Zero One has everything in place to support your images. Supporting alternative text and caption completely, but also some additional elements you might need.

Responsive images (srcset) are supported where it was possible, and all images are automatically converted to WebP images.

Also, for cropping, new Kirby 4 Focus crop function is integrated, so you don't crop out the most important part of the image.

Explore the rest of the Zero One features.

We have split features into categories, but believe us, you’ll want to check them all.

List of all notable features
Developer features icon

Developer features.

Zero One is created to be customized, extended, and scaled. With no restraints whatsoever. It is also a gold mine for Kirby beginners because it offers solutions for various common problems.

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Content editor features icon

Content editor features.

Custom-made panels and options for everything you might need. Powerful Layout Builder, Content Blocks, Premium Form Builder, Fine-grain blog options, Full-feature online shop, and more!

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